Research Area Transformative Capacities

The research area deals with transformative capacities of cities and regions. Based on insights regarding patterns and dynamics of sustainability transformations we co-produce knowledge on how transformative capacities of urban and regional systems can be conceptualised, identified, assessed and increased in order to co-design governance approaches that are capable to initiate, accelerate and stabilise transformative change towards sustainability. In particular we elucidate the role of places, spaces and scales in this context. We adopt an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective and co-create knowledge with actors from the non-academic sector in transformative research settings (e. g. real world labs, transition experiments).

In the Interdisciplinary Centre for Transformative Urban Regeneration we deepen specific aspects of transformative change in small and medium-sized towns in peripheral locations as well as in regions affected by structural change. Moreover, we specifically investigate the role of economic patterns and dynamics for the transformative capacities of cities and regions in the Research Group “Sustainable economic dynamics and innovation”.

Overarching research questions we work on:

  • How can transformative capacities of urban and regional systems be understood and conceptualised?
  • How can transformative capacities of urban and regional systems be identified, assessed and increased?
  • How can governance systems be designed to increase the transformative capacity of cities and regions to initiate, accelerate, and stabilise transformative change?

The Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development is jointly funded by the federal government and the federal states.

FS Sachsen

This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget approved by the Saxon State Parliament.