Topics of Bachelor and Master Theses

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We offer students the opportunity to combine their final thesis (Bachelor, Master, Diploma) with current research topics of the IOER. The following topics are currently offered. Further topics can be arranged upon request. If you are interested, please get in touch with the indicated contact persons:

Contact persons for further topics:

  • Urban, regional and spatial development, spatial sustainability transformation, urban and regional governance, transformative capacity and innovation - Prof. Marc Wolfram
  • Transformative urban restructuring, revitalisation of cities, regional transformation processes, urban and regional governance - Prof. Robert Knippschild
  • Urban and landscape planning, environmental assessment, biodiversity offsets and ecosystem services, urban green infrastructure and nature based solutions - Prof. Wolfgang Wende
  • Material demand of Urbanization; Resource-efficient urban and infrastructure development referred to materials, land use and emissions considering technical and social innovations; spatial aspects of circular economy in the construction industry - sources, sinks, distances - Dr. Georg Schiller
  • Environmental, Urban and Regional Economics - Prof. Artem Korzhenevych
  • Spatial Data Science, Spatial-temporal analysis of settlement and open space development, Land Use, Monitoring, Indicator Development, Geovisualisation, Citizens Science - Prof. Martin Behnisch

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