Solidarity with Ukraine

Statement concerning Russia's attack on Ukraine

We are shocked and appalled by the brutal and inhumane war that the Russian government is waging against Ukraine. We condemn this violation of international law in the strongest possible terms. Our solidarity stands with the people of Ukraine, who impress us deeply with their unity and the courage with which they are confronting this attack. Equally, we extend our solidarity to those who have had to flee their homeland because of war and violence or who are currently in the process of fleeing.

In the context of its international engagement the IOER also reflects on many years of cooperation with partners in Russia and Ukraine. Global crises such as climate change and species extinction must be addressed through transnational cooperation. As a necessity this also includes states with undemocratic and totalitarian political regimes like Russia. Previous experience at the IOER indicates, that, despite the challenging political framework conditions, collaboration with committed scientists and non-governmental organizations in particular can provide impulses for overcoming the current socio-ecological crises. However, the war is calling these important collaborations into question.

We fully support the international sanctions against Russia and endorse the recommendations of the Alliance of Science Organizations. We are aware that the Russian government cannot be equated with the Russian population, and we support all opposition forces in Russia. We are committed to further expand our cooperation with partners in Ukraine. We feel connected to all critical and democratic scientists worldwide and are open for dialogue.

On behalf of the IOER

Prof. Dr. Marc Wolfram

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