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Under the heading "Planetary Justice and Societal Responsibility in International Sustainability Sciences and Scientific Cooperation", the Leibniz Research Network "Knowledge for Sustainable Development" invites interested parties to its international conference 2024. The virtual event will take place on 13 and 14 March. Conference language is English. Participation is free of charge, registration is possible until 29 February.

Information at a glance

Planetary Justice and Societal Responsibility in International Sustainability Sciences and Scientific Cooperation
March 13-14, 2024 | Virtual
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About the Conference:
Sustainable solutions to global challenges require international cooperation between scientific and civil society actors from very different contexts. Against the background of global responsibility with regard to sustainability, this concerns in particular the cooperation between actors from the Global North and South. Due to different cultural or socio-economic circumstances and a larger set of ethical considerations relevant in an international sustainability context, it is necessary to jointly reflect on the question of research in societal responsibility with international partners.

Join us for this conference, where experts and researchers engaging in international sustainability research from the Global South and the Global North will come together, jointly examine the extent to which Sustainability Sciences do justice to different aspects of societal responsibility, to what extent understandings and conditions differ in the international context, and what role reflection criteria such as those developed in the LeNa Shape project (German website) can play in international sustainability science and scientific cooperation. Our collective aim is to foster a collaborative reflection on Societally Responsible Research, particularly in the context of global North-South collaborations.

Call for Participation:
We invite researchers, scholars, and practitioners to join us in the conference. Share your insights, research findings, and innovative approaches in areas including (but not limited to):

  • Ethical considerations and dilemmas faced in research partnerships between the Global North and South
  • Embracing diversity: knowledge integration and acknowledging multiple knowledge systems
  • Quality criteria and defining scientific excellence across borders
  • Evolving perspectives on Global North-South collaborations
  • Use of Real World Laboratories
  • Maximizing local societal impact: strategies for international collaboration research projects
  • Enablers and applied solutions for responsible research
  • Integrating Societal Responsibility in Science-to-Policy translation

...and more!

Why Attend?

  • Engage with global experts in sustainability sciences
  • Contribute to the dialogue on societal responsibility
  • Explore innovative approaches to societal responsible research
  • Network with like-minded professionals and academics

How to join us:
To participate in the conference, please complete your registration on the registration website before 29 February 2024.
For additional information and updates, visit the event website.

Plenary and Keynote Speakers:
Professor Dr Katharina Helming, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Germany
Professor Dr Frank Biermann, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Professor Dhanasree Jayaram, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Karnataka, India

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About the Leibniz Research Network “Knowledge for Sustainable Development”
The international conference on “Planetary Justice and Societal Responsibility in International Sustainability Sciences and Scientific Cooperation" is an activity of the Leibniz Research Network “Knowledge for Sustainable Development”. The network, co-founded by the IOER, supports theoretical and methodological developments in the sustainability sciences and bundles corresponding inter- and transdisciplinary competencies. Through joint research, a range of event formats and transfer activities it is committed to enhance the effectiveness and visibility of research for sustainable development.
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Contact at the IOER
Professor Dr Marc Wolfram (Co-spokesperson)


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