Connected Urban Twins – AI & Smart Citiy

Julia Friske
Universität Leipzig

The Connected Urban Twins (CUT) project is a collaboration between Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich. With a focus on digital twins and urban data platforms, the CUT project considers Urban Digital Twins as tools for integrated urban development and transparent participation of urban society. Our „Transformative experimental urban research“ team supports the project by exploring and testing AI models in different use cases with various types of urban data. For this purpose, we use a range of AI techniques in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. This talk will give an overview of the use cases which have been realised in cooperation with the municipalities.

Our Speaker:
Julia Friske is a scientific researcher at ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig, specializing in the „Connected Urban Twins“ project. Her work focuses on analyzing urban data with advanced AI techniques like Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.


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