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IÖR Texte

Nr. 165

Single-Family Homes under Pressure?

Workshop, November 2015

Clemens Deilmann, Maja Lorbek, Milena Martinsen (Eds.)

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In 2015 the interdisciplinary research project "Homes-uP?" hosted a two-day international expert meeting at Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development in Dresden on future opportunities and risks of single-family homes in industrialized countries. Thirteen invited experts from USA, the Netherlands, Japan, Italy and UK (Scotland) in addition to members of the national research consortium examined shifts in user preferences, market mechanisms and demographic change out of an interdisciplinary perspective. This volume is a compilation of extended abstracts made available by the workshop participants.

The contributions by international partners provide an in-depth summary of conditions in the individual countries and address the specifics of suburbia and single-family housing. The articles written by 'Homes-uP' team members offer insight in preliminary research findings.
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