Equal opportunities and diversity at the workplace - IOER receives TOTAL E-QUALITY award

For the fourth time in a row, the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) has received the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for equal opportunities. For the second time, it is awarded the additional award "Diversity" that recognises how the IOER promotes diversity at the workplace.

An independent jury has recognised IOER's lasting commitment to equal opportunities and diversity and has once again presented the institute the TOTAL E-QUALITY award. The jury justified the decision as follows: "The Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development shows an unwavering commitment to equal opportunities and diversity. This is evident in the variety of precisely fitting measures that exist across all fields of action and that set standards for the institutes of the Leibniz Association in many areas." The jury was particularly impressed by the participatory culture "with which the topic of equality is not only lived at the management level, but in dialogue with all employees and is constructively developed further in the process".

The jury also considered it positive that since the last application, the IOER has updated some of the basic equality-related regulations, has focused even more strongly on the issue of equal opportunities when filling positions and has expanded communication and trainings on the subject. The developments in the area of diversity also convinced the jury. The jury appreciated that the IOER understands diversity as an integral part of its organisation, culture and research. For this reason, the institute was once again awarded the TOTAL E-QUALITY award with the add-on "Diversity".

The IOER successfully applied for the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for the first time in 2012. Now it has received the award for the fourth time in a row. It is valid until 2023.


The TOTAL E-QUALITY label certifies organisations from business, science or administration as well as associations for a successful and sustainable commitment to equal opportunities for women and men at work. Voluntary activities that go beyond the measures required by law are assessed. The additional award "Diversity" honours exemplary commitment to diversity at the workplace.

Contact at the IOER
Sylke Stutzriemer (Equal opportunities officer), e-mail: : S.Stutzriemerioer@ioer.de
Andreas Blum (Diversity officer), e-mail: A.Blumioer@ioer.de
Dr. Andrea Wendebaum (Personnel office), e-mail: A.Wendebaumioer@ioer.de

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