Book a Scientist - Speed Dating with Science

On April 8, curious minds are invited to a new edition of "Book a Scientist". In this format, initiated by the Leibniz Association, Leibniz researchers answer questions on topics that touch everyday life. This time, seven scientists from the IOER are taking part.

The IOER is represented by seven scientists in this edition of "Book a Scientist". Karin Gruhler is working on the question of how many construction materials are in buildings and how a material register can help to determine future quantities of construction waste and their recycling potential. Ning Zhang is dealing with a similar question, namely what happens to the tons of excavated soil and rock generated by large construction projects. Dr. Hendrik Herold looks at the use of AI-based methods to improve air quality in cities. Katharina Bullinger asks what possibilities there are beyond technical innovations to make buildings sustainable. Dr. Sebastian Heer wants to talk about what it takes for scientific policy advice to work. Dr. Jonathan Morris will discuss the use of public investment to achieve sustainability goals, and Dr. Martin Behnisch would like to talk to those interested about the potential of solar panels on building facades.

At "Book a Scientist", interested parties can now book an exclusive, virtual conversation with our scientists* on all these topics and 100 more.

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The talks are partly offered in German and English.

To reserve a one-on-one meeting, email with your name, chosen topic, and desired time slot.

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