Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development

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In the Research Area "Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development" we are concerned with assessing and evaluating risks for spatial development from natural hazards, climate change, and anthropogenic environmental pressures; with physical measures for risk prevention; decision support tools; planning methods and legal tools; and with strategies in risk management and risk governance.

In the Research Area "Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development" our aim is to

  • assess the vulnerability of buildings, cities, and regions to environmental impacts and the resulting risks by means of building construction and landscape ecology studies ... more
  • design and test spatial models for the integrated simulation of risks and the effects of preventive measures ...more
  • advanced decision-support, tools, helping local and regional actors to retrieve, assess, and use information on environmental risks arising in the various scenarios of regional change ... more
  • develop planning methods and proposals for legal instruments in risk prevention that take account of both spatial causes and effects and the uncertainties of environmental risks ... more
  • formulate a conceptual process model for risk management strategies and on this basis identify performance factors for effective risk reduction ... more


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