Strategic Issues and Perspectives

Photo: EU-flags in front of the EU-Building in Brussel, Source: wikimediacommon

The Research Area 'Strategic issues and Perspectives' studies the complex linkages between the economic, institutional and legal framework and the behavior of actors in the context of ecological urban and regional development.

In the Research Area 'Strategic issues and Perspectives' we:

  • deal with research questions and methods of regional, urban and environmental economics (e.g. valuation approaches, analysis of municipal finance, analysis of regional investment subsidies) and integrate them in the work of other research areas
  • systematically extend economic methods, models and datasets for the analysis and control of sustainable spatial development
  • monitor and analyze current European territorial development policies (e.g. EFRE, URBACT) and research programs (ESPON, Horizon 2020)
  • examine and discuss the changing demands upon spatial planning and control (strategy development, approaches, planning tools), which arise from ecological driving forces (climate adaptation, climate change, energy and resource scarcity) and place them in this context. We focus in particular on the new planning areas (such as underground and maritime spatial planning) and exploratory topics such as transformation management or approaches of direct democracy in planning.

Research Programme Topics and Tasks

  • Economic issues ... more
  • European spatial development ... more
  • Exploratory topics and new planning spaces ... more
  • Sustainability transition ... more


Archive of Projects

Archives are available on the German Website.

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