Research Area:
Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures

Integrative Approaches to the Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures against dynamic Processes of Urbanisation and Shrinkage

In this research strand, transdisciplinary research projects in Germany and abroad explore aspects of resource conservation and scenario-led strategies in concrete cases.

  • Model projects of regional planning (MORO): Simulation "Adaptation of peripheral settlement structures".
  • Managed retreat - Law and planning in the context of climate and demographic change
  • ReSouth - REsource efficient settlement structure in the global SOUTH
  • IndiaInfra - Development of a systematic methodical approach to link infrastructure supply with the settlement hierarchy in Indian urban regions
  • TRAFIS - Transformation to climate resilient and resource-saving infrastructures – The example of coupled infrastructures
  • ARTS - Accelerating and Rescaling Transitions to Sustainability
  • EUDYSÉ – Efficiency and Dynamics of Settlement Development under Disparate Spatial and Temporal Trends

Projects before 2010 are available in the IÖR project archive.


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