Research Area:
Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures

Consumption of Land and Materials for Settlement Development and the Potentials for Resource Conservation

Here we analyse changes in settlement structures at various scales (district, city, region, country) with regard to the consumption of land and materials in order to explore potentials for resource conservation.

  • KartAL IV - Mapping the anthropogenic material stock IV
  • SEROBAU - Energy and material flows of secondary raw materials in building construction
  • MAREX - Management of Mineral Resource Extraction in Hoa Binh Province - A Contribution to Sustainable Development in Vietnam
  • StatisNWG - Obtaining statistical findings about non-domestic buildings to be built and their technical equipment
  • KartAL I - Mapping of the anthropogenic stock Germany for the optimization of the secondary raw materials sector 
  • MinRessource - Sustainable resource management of primary and secondary mineral building materials - Module 1
  • Data analysis of non-residential buildings - Energy and CO2 savings
  • EASE: Energy Improvement and Urban Development

Projects before 2010 are available in the IÖR project archive.


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