Research concept

  • The settlement structure, seen as the spatial and functional order of physical settlement-spatial elements, is the object of research. The settlement structure is defined and examined on an inter-scale basis, i.e., the scales of the building, the neighbourhood, the city, the region, and the state, in order to take existing relationships and interactions into account.
  • The uses of natural resources, i.e., raw materials, energy, water and land, are examined. Moreover, the building stock is also examined as a source of secondary raw materials (“urban mining”), building products, taking process chains and the associated environmental burden into account, and cost factors, as the key decision-making variables in planning practice.
  • The efficiency concept is based on technical efficiency and considers primarily the physical input and output, including observation of the conditions along developmental trajectories. Efficiency indicators are determined for various spatial levels and contexts.

Research area:
The resource efficiency of settlement structures

Work chart of the research area


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