Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures

Photo: B. Heber/IÖR-Media
Image-photo of the research area, an aerial view of a settlement

The Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures research area investigates to what extent and with which approaches cities, buildings and infrastructure can be shaped and developed so as to use land and natural resources in the most sparing and environmentally friendly way.

Research topics

  • Demands placed on the Built Environment in the Wake of Demographic Change and Shifting Orientations of Use
    In this line of research we investigate the impact of demographic change on construction activities and the building stock over long time periods (until 2060). [more]
  • Consumption of Land and Materials for Settlement Development and the Potentials for Resource Conservation
    Here we analyse changes in settlement structures at various scales (district, city, region, country) with regard to the consumption of land and materials in order to explore potentials for resource conservation. [more]
  • Methods of Material Flow Analysis and the Evaluation of Resource Efficiency
    This line of research deals with the refinement of methods of material flow analysis (regionalised MFA, continuous MFA) and ways to assess the efficiency of the built environment. [more]
  • Integrative Approaches to the Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures against dynamic Processes of Urbanisation and Shrinkage
    In this research strand, transdisciplinary research projects in Germany and abroad explore aspects of resource conservation and scenario-led strategies in concrete cases.[more]