Research Area:
Monitoring of Settlement and Open Space Development

Forecast Methods

Here we develop methods of forecasting including the derivation of high-resolution forecasts of the development in residential building area.

Demand for land for residential construction is a major factor driving trends in land consumption and development. For this reason, the development of methods that can be used to make high-resolution predictions on the basis of population, households and trends in the housing market is of particular importance. To this end, an existing housing forecasting system is being refined and expanded.

Current Projects

  • IÖR population model - Small-scale population forecasts - Development of a model approach and its practical testing
  • Housing Forecasting System 

Completed Projects

  • Updating of population forecasts for the town of Pirna and the municipality of Dohma until 2035
  • Forecasting Methods - Further development of the methodological basis of forecasts, scenarios and projections on land use development
  • Regionally-based scenarios on the development of settlement areas
  • Options for spatial analysis of the behaviour of household formation
  • Updating of the population forecast for the municipality of Dohma to 2030/2040
  • SAB - SAB housing construction monitoring 2016/2017
  • District-based population forecast for Pirna to 2030/2040
  • Forecasting the demand for new settlement land in Erlebnisregion Dresden (leisure region)
  • Demographic Report, Hohen Neuendorf 2030 with Recommendations for Urban Development
  • Small-Scale Population Forecast for Eastern Thuringia through 2030
  • Demographic baseline assessment to help plan childcare needs and demand for land in the municipality of Dohma.
  • Potential demand for new residential construction in the city of Korntal-Münchingen to 2030
  • Small-Scale Population Forecast for Pirna to 2025
  • Potential demand for new housing in Baden-Württemberg to 2030
  • Small-Scale population projections for Dresden and environs
  • Demographic report on population development in Greiz County to 2025
  • SAB - SAB housing construction monitoring 2010
  • Hoyerswerda 2050
  • Development of potential demand for new housing in Baden-Württemberg to 2020 and 2025
  • Brandenburg forecast and monitoring system, Contact.
  • SAB housing construction monitoring 2008
  • Pirna housing and business 2020