Research Area:
Monitoring of Settlement and Open Space Development

Analysis and Visualisation by means of Spatial Data Mining

This includes the application and refinement of methods for the identification and visualisation of spatial patterns and feature correlations.

Methods for the analysis and evaluation of spatial or temporal changes are developed, including visualisation techniques, using the results of the IOER Monitor in combination with statistical data. With the help of spatial urban data mining, an attempt is made to pinpoint spatial clusters and regularities in settlement development.

Current Projects

  • Establishment and running of the IOER Monitor - A basis for the Monitoring of Settlement and Open Space Development (IOER Monitor)
  • DINA- Diversity of insects in nature protected areas
    Subproject: Multi-criteria description of German nature conservation areas (NSG) and land use classificationg
  • GeoDS - Geographical Data Science using the example of urban sprawl
  • Standard-BIPV - Development of a prefabricated standard BIPV-façade for selected categories of building in Germany for the energetic upgrading of existing building stock as well as to provide on-site renewable energy; subproject: Market analysis of façade areas in existing buildings
  • SoRa - Social Spatial Science Research Data Infrastructure
  • Spatial data mining - hypothesis-generating identification of spatial patterns relevant to development and planning

Completed Projects

  • UBA Environmental Atlas - Thematic environmental atlas: Media-friendly processing of environmental information by integrating topographical presentation, environmental data and expert reports
  • Landeskunde digital - Digitale Visualisierungsformate für landeskundliche Informationen (only in German Language)
  • WiDA - Knowledge discovery in databases on land use in Germany
  • Ecosystem services at the national level in Germany - Development and implementation of a methodology for capturing and assessing ecosystem services at the federal level in the context of the implementation of Target 2 and Action 5 of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2020
  • Energy atlas NRW - Optimisation of heating requirements of buildings in NRW by means of GIS analysis
  • Stadtmonitor - Monitoring of problem areas and urban renewal areas in Dresden
  • Long-term investigation of land-use changes - Long-term investigation of land-use changes and their impact on the protected resource soil as well as landscape structure

  • Interactive project visualisation of spatial developments:

    • Development and spatial impact of the German Autobahn network from 1935 to 2005
    • Floods of the river Elbe in 1845, 1890 and 2002 - Dresden and Saxon Switzerland
    • Land use development of the urban region of Dresden since 1790
    • Long-term investigation of land use changes