Research Area:
Monitoring of Settlement and Open Space Development

Methods of Automated Information Acquisition

Here we develop methods for the automated extraction and analysis of the building stock, settlement and open space structures as well as changes to these.

The aim is to develop methods to extract information on land use from various data sources (i.e. 18th century analogue maps, digital basic geodata or current aerial imagery and laser scanning data). The focus is on the analysis of settlement structures. Among other aspects, this implies the detection and classification of individual buildings and building blocks.

Current Projects

  • SAUBER - Satellite-based system for the monitoring, forecasting and simulation of air pollutants for sustainable urban and regional development
  • meinGrün - Information and Navigation on Urban Green Spaces in Cities
  • Monitoring Methods of Land Use Development
  • ScaDS - ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig - Competence Center for Scalable Data Services and Solutions

Completed Projects

  • MASi - Metadata Management for Applied Sciences (MASi)

…with reference to digital geodata and user-generated geodata (VGI)

…with reference to analogue topographic maps

  • Object extraction - Automated extraction of land use information from historical topographic maps
  • AutoRef - Automatic georeferencing of scanned topographic maps
  • Settlement Analyzer (SEMENTA und SEMENTA Change) - Building-based calculation of developments in settlement structures

…with reference to remote sensing data

  • Automated object recognition from high-resolution ALS and aerial image data
  • Segmentation Evaluation - Evaluation of the segmentation quality of various algorithms
  • Segment-based evaluation - Assessment, processing, and segment-based interpretation of very high resolution satellite image data
  • Satellite image data for spatial planning - Utilisation of the latest high-resolution satellite imagery for spatial planning


Dr.-Ing. Gotthard Meinel
Tel. +49 351 4679 254