Monitoring of Settlement and Open Space Development

Source: IÖR
3D-Karte Dresden

The Monitoring of Settlement and Open Space Development research area develops methods for acquisition, monitoring, analysis and visualisation in order to better describe, understand and project the state and changes of land use and the building stock.

Research Topics:

  • Methods of Automated Information Acquisition
    Here we develop methods for the automated extraction and analysis of the building stock, settlement and open space structures as well as changes to these. [more]
  • Analysis and Visualisation by means of Spatial Data Mining
    This includes the application and refinement of methods for the identification and visualisation of spatial patterns and feature correlations. [more]
  • Forecast Methods
    Here we develop methods of forecasting including the derivation of high-resolution forecasts of the development in residential building area. [more]
  • Tools and Research Data Infrastructures
    Tools and research data infrastructures must be developed and made available for the transfer of knowledge and experiences as well as for research-based consulting. [more]


Dr.-Ing. Gotthard Meinel
Phone +49 351 4679 254

Current Projects


An overview of completed projects is available here.