Monitoring of Settlement and Open Space Development

3D-Karte Dresden

The research group 'Monitoring of Settlement and Open Space Development' investigates and develops methods and tools for the acquisition, mapping, and monitoring of the state of and changes in land use/land cover (LULC) for better describing, measuring and understanding its dynamics. We also develop forecast models for establishing residential land requirements as a driving force in urban and regional development.


Research Topics:

  • Methods for the automated information acquisition
  • Indicators ― Development and Calculation Methods
  • Analysis, Assessment, Visualization, and Spatial Data Mining
  • Land Development for Residential Purposes - Housing and Housing Land Forecast [more]
  • Knowledge Transfer and Science-based Advice via IÖR-Monitor


Dr.-Ing. Gotthard Meinel
Phone +49 351 4679 254


Save the Date: 16-17 May 2018
10th Dresdner Flächennutzungssymposium

Current Projects


 Archives are available on the German Website.