Research Area:
Landscape Change and Management

Managing the Processes of Landscape Development by Actors and Public Agencies

In this line of research we identify how landscape development is steered by influential factors within actor and governance-related planning.

Current Projects

  • SPOT - Social and innovative Platform On cultural Tourism and its potential towards deepening Europeanisation
  • Urban-Rural Assembly (URA): Managing inclusive transformation-to-sustainability processes at the urban-rural interface of the Huangyan-Taizhou region in China through the development of new strategic governance tools and the implementation of exemplary pilot projects as catalysts for regional value chains
  • LaWaPol - The politics of landscape change and management
  • EkoRus - Integrating ecological concerns into Russia’s territorial planning

Completed Projects

  • KuLaKon - Constitution of Cultural Landscapes through Discourses and Discourse Coalitions
  • LaGo-Pro - Landscape Governance in the Face of the Energy Transition

Selection of Publications