Research Area
Landscape Change and Management

Instruments of Landscape Management and Biodiversity Offsets

The research area "Landscape Change and Management" analyses the current state of instruments of landscape management, ecosystem services and biodiversity offsets in an international context and examines options to expand such instruments.

Current Projects

  • Accounting II - Ecosystem services and environmental-economic accounting - Digital assessment
  • SPOT - Social and innovative Platform On cultural Tourism and its potential towards deepening Europeanisation
  • Bidelin - The value of ecosystem services, biodiversity and blue-green infrastructures in cities, exemplified by Dresden, Liberec and Děčín
  • DiSeMiNation - Digging into Sediments and Microbes for Nature conservation
  • Accounting I - Integration von Ökosystemen und Ökosystemleistungen in die Umweltökonomische Gesamtrechnung. Theoretische Rahmenbedingungen und methodische Grundlagen
  • MaGICLandscapes - Managing Green Infrastructure in Central European Landscapes
  • TEEB Russia II - Assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Russian Federation - informing management principles and international processes

Completed Projects

  • Landeskunde digital - Digitale Visualisierungsformate für landeskundliche Informationen (only in German Language)
  • Ecosystem services at the national level in Germany - Development and implementation of a methodology for capturing and assessing ecosystem services at the federal level in the context of the implementation of Target 2 and Action 5 of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2020
  • LANALYS - Analysis of landscape change and planning
  • TEEBi-RUS - Ecosystem services evaluation in Russia and other NIS countries of Northern Eurasia: first steps
  • Assessment of ecosystem services
  • Landscape Saxony 2050
  • 4-D indices - Measures of landscape structure to analyse spatio-temporal dimensions
  • BIOBANK - Pooling and banking models to compensate impacts on biodiversity in an international context
  • BioRaum - Biodiversity and spatial science. Approaches within spatial scientific research to questions on the conservation and development of biodiversity
  • BIORUS - Evaluating and dealing with environmental impact in Russia
  • Landscape framework concept "Saxon Switzerland"
  • LÖBESTEIN - An acronym for: Land management systems, ecosystem services and biodiversity – the development of control instruments using the example of renewable raw materials
  • WFD and Nature Conservation - Implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) from the Perspective of Nature Conservation - Analysis of the River Basin Management Plans

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