Research Area
Landscape Change and Management

Critical Review of Existing Open Space Models and the Development of new Models

Here we reflect critically on existing open space models also in an urban context and develop new concepts and models for landscape management.

Current Projects

  • URBNANCE - Urban human-nature resonance for sustainability transformation
  • SALUTE4CE - Integrated environmental management of SmAL Green Spots in FUncTional Urban ArEas
  • Edible Cities - Assessing urban greening strategies as systemic solutions for social challenges of urbanization. Development of a conceptual evaluation framework and experimenting with using the example of edible cities in Germany.
  • GreenCitiesStudy - Towards Green Cities: The Values of Urban Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in China and Germany
  • ESS Urban Habitat Types - Integration of the ESS approach (Ecosystem Services approach) into the concept of urban habitat typing - state of the art and further analysis
  • Urban NBS - Urban Green Structures for Biodiversity – Integrated Strategies and Measures towards the Protection and Fostering of Biodiversity in Cities

Completed Projects

  • Urban Green Volume Dresden
  • Microbiotopes - Scientific Study Accompanying the Project "Microbiotopes – Habitats for Wild Animals and Plants in the Socially Integrative City District Dresden-Prohlis/Residential Area Am Koitschgraben"
  • HABIT-CHANGE - Adaptive Management of Climate-induced Changes of Habitat Diversity in Protected Areas
  • BiKliTour - Tourism regions as models for the development of adaptation strategies in the context of biological diversity, tourism and climate change
  • B-Team - Brownfield Policy Improvement Task Force
  • ReSOURCE - Structural change in mining regions
  • The Potential of Brownfields - Instruments to exploit the potential of brownfields for nature protection and the development of green spaces in urban areas

Selection of Publications

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