Further Research Projects

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In addition to the issues covered by the five research areas, IOER staff investigate further topics and tasks. These are generally transdisciplinary in nature.

Additional important issues are, for example, the adaptation of cities to demographic and socio-economic change as well as environmental changes. The Interdisciplinary Centre for Ecological and Revitalizing Urban Transformation (IZS) in Görlitz aims to overcome these challenges of urban transformation to ecological sustainability, energy efficiency and resilience. The IOER and the Technische Universität Dresden run this Joint Urban Lab.

Theoretical and methodological foundations of ecological spatial development are discussed in an interdisciplinary working group and elaborated for the work of the Institute and its various research areas.

Other interdisciplinary topics are the research strands regarding the systemic transformation of cities towards sustainability and on the legal issues of planning and control.

In addition, the IOER conducts research in the form of interdisciplinary projects not directly assigned to any of the five research areas.



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