Economic Aspects of Ecological Urban and Regional Development

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Transparent manufactory ("Gläseren Manufaktur") in Dresden, cut

The research area "Economic aspects of ecological urban and regional development" deals with the economic analysis of conflicting objectives, resource scarcity and actions of economic agents as well as with cost-efficient management options to encourage ecologically and economically sustainable spatial development.

This research area was established on 1 July 2017 out of the previous research area "Strategic Issues and Perspectives".

Research Topics

  • Influence of economic conditions on decisions with high environmental relevance (households, municipalities) [more]
  • Interrelations between the economic structure of regions and the ecological indicators of spatial development [more]
  • Influence of regional and climate policy on structurally weak regions in Europe [more]

Further research strands of the former research area 'Strategic Issues and Perspectives'

  • New planning and management approaches [more]
  • Transformation to sustainability [more]