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IOER scientists publish their research results in a variety of ways: As articles to scientific journals, electronic publications and reference books as well as contributions to multi-author works, studies and strategy statements.

The IOER also brings out two publication series of its own:

Together with the spatial science research institutions of the Leibniz Association (5R-Netzwerk), the IOER publishes the refereed journal "Raumforschung und Raumordnung | Spatial Research and Planning".

Furthermore, the IOER disseminates its results through various knowledge-transfer formats.

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New publications

Blum, Andreas; Gutting, Robin
Wohnungsneubau im demographischen Wandel – Außerhalb der Wachstumsräume drohen deutliche Überkapazitäten
PlanerIn; 2018; Heft 4; Seite(n) 55-57

Gorissen, Leen; Meynaerts, Erika (Eds.), with contributions of Barnes, Jake; Blum, Andreas; Borgström, Sara; Egermann, Markus; Frantzeskaki, Niki; Rok, Ania; Strenchock, Logan
Change the world city by city. A change maker’s guide to fast forward sustainability
Leuven; 2018; Lannoo Campus

Janssen, Gerold; Hülsmann, Wulf; Bartel, Sebastian; Wolff, Franziska
Die Umweltdimension der Raumordnung stärken: Analysen, Umsetzungsbeispiele und Handlungsansätze
Informationen zur Raumentwicklung; 2018; Heft 3; Seite(n) 152-163

Knippschild, Robert; Zöllter, Constanze
Urban transformation – cultural heritage and local economic development: The public sector on the battlefront?
Finka, Maroš; Jaššo, Matej; Husár, Milan (Hg.); The role of public sector in local economic and territorial development; Cham; 2018; Springer; Seite(n) 161-172

Li, Qirui; Babu, T. S. Amjath; Sieber, Stefan; Zander, Peter
Assessing divergent consequences of payments for ecosystem services on rural livelihoods: A case study in China's Loess Hills
Land Degradation & Development; 2018; 29; Heft 10; Seite(n) 3549-3570

Xie, Xiaoping; Hou, Wei; Herold, Hendrik
Ex post impact assessment of master plans – the case of Shenzhen in shaping a polycentric urban structure
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information; 2018; 7; Heft 252; Seite(n) 1-14

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