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IOER scientists publish their research results in a variety of ways: As articles to scientific journals, electronic publications and reference books as well as contributions to multi-author works, studies and strategy statements.

The IOER also brings out two publication series of its own:

Together with the spatial science research institutions of the Leibniz Association (5R-Netzwerk), the IOER publishes the refereed journal "Raumforschung und Raumordnung | Spatial Research and Planning".

Furthermore, the IOER disseminates its results through various knowledge-transfer formats.

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New publications

Hazir, Cilem Selin; Bellone, Flora; Gaglio, Cyrielle
Local product space and firm-level churning in exported products
In: Industrial and Corporate Change; 2019

Langer, Sebastian
Expenditure interactions between municipalities and the role of agglomeration forces: a spatial analysis for North Rhine-Westphalia
In: The Annals of Regional Science; 2019; Seite(n) 1-31

Leibenath, Markus
Berufliche Identitäten von Regionalplanern im Kontext der Windenergienutzung: eine poststrukturalistische Perspektive
In: Raumforschung und Raumordnung; 2019; 77; Heft 2; Seite(n) 165-180

Müller, Bernhard; Schiappacasse, Paulina
Planning for the responsible extraction of natural aggregates: The case of Hoa Binh Province/Hanoi Metropolitan Area
In: MAREX Publication Series; 7; Dresden; 2019; IÖR; Seite(n) 1-53

Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Behnisch, Martin; Herold, Hendrik; Koetter, Theo
Geospatial analysis of building structures in Megacity Dhaka: the use of spatial statistics for promoting data-driven decision-making
In: Journal of Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis; 2019; 3; Heft 1, Art. 7; Seite(n) 1-14


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