Research Area:
Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures


REsource efficient settlement structure in the global SOUTH

Problem statement
Rapidly growing regions in the "global south" have outpaced planning and governance. On the one hand, this haphazard and unplanned growth has decoupled settlements with infrastructure. On the other hand, given limited resources, these settlements are deprived of adequate infrastructure. This project intends (theory-based) to develop approaches for planners and decision-makers that are oriented towards resource-efficient settlement development.

The research focuses on the spatial analysis of the Rural-Urban-Peri-urban areas in India with regard to infrastructure integrated development. The international discussion (Habitat III Issue Paper 10 / SDGs), the concepts Urban-Rural-Linkage, Peri-urban (as new space category) and Place-based Theory are critically reviewed. The focus is on the questions of how to reduce the development pressure on megacities and how to strengthen a decentralized concentration of settlements and to link it with an efficient and adaptable infrastructure.

Research questions

  • What is the state of the art (empirics and theories) on the debate of peri-urban interface, place-based theory, urban rural linkage? And how is it reflected on the UN-Habitat discussion?
  • What is the significance of infrastructure provision for the settlement development?
  • How can a decentralized concentration in the settlements be strengthened?
  • What are the resource implications for the different types of settlements patterns?


  • Analysis of the settlement pattern with regard to socio-economic and infrastructure aspects
  • Ordinary Least Square Regression and Geographically Weighted Regression
  • Interviews
  • Policy review




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