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Strategic Issues and Perspectives

Scope of action for small and financially weak municipalities for establishing strategies and for implementing measures for adapting to climate change

Problem description
Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject of adaptation to climate change in recent years. However, this work mostly does not address the problem of financial, organizational and human capacity at the local level and the level of individual municipalities. The development and implementation of integrated approaches requires that local actors have financial resources and expertise in dealing with multidisciplinary issues, planning processes, and new tools and methods. These are often not yet available at the level of municipalities.

Against this background, it is the goal of this project to create tailored recommendations for action particularly for the small and / or financially weak municipalities.

Research questions of the project

What are the barriers that prevent the implementation of climate change adaptation at the local level? Can these be removed by proper design of institutions, processes, or by exploiting synergies with other areas of activity? What are the particular challenges for small / financially weak municipalities?

In the first step, existing policies and measures of coordinated adaptation to climatic, demographic and economic structural change processes in smaller towns and communities are identified based on a comprehensive literature survey. Next follows a detailed study of three sample communities (best practice of planned or implemented policies and measures), involving relevant actors on the ground.

Based on the first two work packages, the methods and procedures for the development of multi-functional and cost-effective policies and measures are then analysed and rated (synergies / potentials, conflicts / barriers). The ultimate goal is to derive recommendations for action at the local level to achieve climate-resilient land use as well as settlement and infrastructure development in small / financially weak municipalities.





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