The topic of gender within the IOER’s research interests

It is increasingly recognized both at home and abroad that structural barriers (whether conscious or unconscious) to the equal participation of men and women in social and political processes must be dismantled. Furthermore, it is vital to move away from the somewhat unhelpful focus on "numbers", e.g. the proportion of women on committees, to instead integrate insights offered by gender research with findings of the spatial sciences in order to facilitate their practical application. Clearly, we must try to expand our knowledge of likely gender issues both internally at the IOER as well as more generally in research within the spatial sciences. The results can then be directly transferred into the practice of spatial planning.

To this end, the project examines selected research topics and questions related to ecological spatial development within the IOER’s various fields of research in regard to the relevance of gender issues. By means of a literature review, research findings on these topics are pinpointed, analysed and compiled. The aim is to create a practical overview of gender issues as they impact research topics in order to support both female and male scientists in deciding how to incorporate gender-relevant aspects into their respective research interests. For the purposes of illustration, surveys undertaken within projects dealing with ecosystem services will be evaluated regarding gender issues.

The aim of this part of the project is to investigate, compile and publish gender-relevant aspects of research on ecosystem services.
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