Research Area:
Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development

ZENON (sCENarios ONline)

Design, Technologies and Usability of web-based Spatial Decision Support Systems for regional assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation – for the Model Region of Dresden

ZENON pursues the goal of developing a WebGIS-based and actors-oriented tool for the transfer of knowledge on spatially distributed impacts due to climate change and societal change. The knowledge results from testing a combined qualitative and quantitative scenario planning approach in the model region Dresden. Realisation of the tool involves current technologies and tools of software development, which especially allow WebGIS-based analysis. Furthermore, the needs of relevant actors are explicitly considered.

Elaboration of the tool follows the iterative incremental development method, and accordingly is based on several times running through requirement analysis, design, implementation and testing. Domain modelling deals with formalising of the scenario planning approach. User needs are captured by requirements analyses. The system development also consists of design and implementation. In the frame of data integration, external resources are harmonised and transformed. Finally, testing is a means of success control for the achievement of the requirements.


Transfer of results from a combined qualitative and quantitative scenario planning approach for the exploration of possible future developments by regional actors (modified according to Vogel 2013)


01/2013 – 12/2014