Research Area:
Resource Efficiency of Settlement Structures

Resource Efficiency Potential in the Waste and Recycling Economy

Photo: J. Reichenbach (intecus dresden)

The aim of the project is to look for possibilities to increase high-value recycling of rubble and waste materials from building sites. Several sensitivity studies were undertaken on the consumption of secondary raw materials, specifically: concrete, bricks, sand-lime bricks, aerated concrete, gypsum, wood, mineral wool and rigid-foam insulation, glass and plastics, for the period up to 2050. Along these studies economic bottlenecks, thus revealing typical obstructions to increasing the recycling of building materials were identified. In order to estimate the named potential, the origin, composition and recycling paths of the building materials had to be determined first.

One focus of the investigation is on the technical possibilities to increase the recycling of building materials. Current innovative technologies of recycling will be evaluated. As well as looking at the technical processes of recycling and the potentials for their optimisation, the project will also estimate the capacity for the construction market to absorb recycled materials for the timeframe 2010 – 2050.

The project is run in cooperation with intecus gmbh Dresden.


09/2012 – 06/2014


Dr.-Ing. Georg Schiller
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Sensitivitätsstudie zum Kreislaufwirtschaftspotenzial im Hochbau - Endbericht