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Landscape Change and Management

Added Value of Nature in the Eastern Ore Mountains

Identification, Assessment and Communication of ecosystem services

ESOM's concluding conference "Ecosystem services in the East Ore Mountaina" was held on 28 November 2014 at the IOER.

Schwarzbach (photo: O. Bastian)
Foto Schwarzbach (Autor: O. Bastian)

The ecosystem services (ESS) concept, currently much-discussed internationally, addresses the numerous advantages of biological diversity and intact ecosystems and incorporates these aspects in the decision-making processes of the market economy. This enables ecological achievements and the forces that nature provides to be preserved and the progressive deterioration of natural living conditions due to over-exploitation to be combated. The ecosystem services concept can enrich decision-making processes in the economy and society by demonstrating to business and industry, politics and the general public what benefits these services bring. What makes the ecosystem services approach so attractive is the integrative, inter- and transdisciplinary perspective and the linking up of environmental and socio-economic concepts. Ecosystem services constitute the interface between ecosystems and human well-being. The great political importance of ecosystem services finds expression, for example, in the worldwide Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2005) and the international TEEB study (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity - 2010), as well as in the many national TEEB processes that have now been initiated.

The study area Eastern Ore Mountains with its numerous biotopes and ecosystems on both sides of the German-Czech border (including mountain pastures, rocky ridges, moorland, and forests of varying degrees of naturalness) is particularly well suited for recording and describing good examples of ecosystem services.

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