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Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development


Smart Resilience Technology, Systems and Tools

Improving Flood Resilience of the Built Environment

Source: Schinke, IOER

The SMARTeST research project funded by the European Commission developed and tested the effectiveness of innovative technologies, systems, and tools for improving the resilience of flood-prone urban areas in Europe to flood impacts. The common goal of the ten European research institutes involved was to identify and reduce deficiencies and obstacles in implementing measures to enhance resilience in pursuit of the European Floods Directive.

The IOER investigated and tested structural technologies and systems for enhancing the resilience of buildings as characteristic receptors in the urban settlement area. In keeping with the working group's expertise, specific contributions are made to the study of construction, technologies, and layer sequencing to improve the resilience of buildings. One major focus is the comparative analysis of characteristic building types in different European case studies with regard to their resilience to flood impacts in the current state, and with regard to their optimisation potential.

The contribution of the IOER focused on the further development of an existing damage simulation model for calculating the effects of flood resilience measures as an important basis to produce a guideline for the implementation of such measures. The research project thus helps to address the central issue of the research area "Environmental Risk in Urban and Regional Development" to which extent existing damage analyses for the simulation of the effects of resilience technologies can be used.

Schinke, Reinhard; Kaidel, Anna; Golz, Sebastian; Naumann, Thomas; López-Gutiérrez, José Santos; Garvin, Stephen: Analysing the effects of flood-resilience technologies in urban areas using a synthetic model approach; In: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 5 (2016) 11, Nr. 202, S. 14; DOI:10.3390/ijgi5110202

Golz, Sebastian; Schinke, Reinhard; Naumann, Thomas: Assessing the effects of flood resilience technologies on building scale; In: Urban Water Journal 12 (2015) 1, S.30-43; DOI:10.1080/1573062X.2014.939090
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01/2010 - 06/2013


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