Research Area:
Landscape Change and Management

WFD and Nature Conservation

Implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) from the Perspective of Nature Conservation - Analysis of the River Basin Management Plans


The project targets to identify the links between the objectives of the WFD and nature conservation in the implemenation of the river basin management plans. Furthermore, it will analyse options for the optimization of river basin management planning from the perspective of nature conservation. As a basis of this analysis, certain assessment criteria will be derived from a comprehensive study of the plans existing in Germany regarding their contents and level of detail, but also from relevant literature and best practice examples. On this background it will be investigated which recommendations can be given for emphasizing the aspects of nature conservation in the practical implementation of the plans. Moreover, proposals for strengthening the concerns of nature conservation will be made for the scheduled revision of the plans in 2015. In this context, the options for financing the measures and integrating the objectives of the WFD into other sectoral and spatial plans are discussed, too. The results will be published and dicussed with experts from all over Germany at a two-day conference on 8/9 November 2010 in Dresden. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Chair in Landscape Planning at the University of Technology of Dresden.

run time

12/2009 - 1/2012



Dr. jur. Juliane Albrecht

Tel. 0351 46 79 223


Third-party funds

Federal Agency of Nature Conservation