Additional Research

Airborne laserscanner and aerial imagery as base for the object recognition of railroad infrastructure

Quelle: R. Hecht/IÖR

High-precision sensors, such as air-borne laser scanner (ALS) and digital aerial cameras including Inertial-Measurement-Units (IMU), in combination with the possibilities of using DGPS reference stations (Differential Global Positioning System) offer new databases for a variety of large-scale applications. Within the presented project such data is tested as a basis for the extraction of railway infrastructure and their neighbouring surroundings. The focus of this analysis is on the extensive automated processing of such data under consideration of profitability.

The main task of the technical fundamental research project is the development of methods for the extraction of railway infrastructure from combined helicopter-based extreme high resolution laser scanner and aerial image data. Thus, different existing methods from digital image processing, image segmentation and object recognition will be developed and their performance, quality and grade of possible automation evaluated. The aim is to deliver high-precision input data to create and extend an infrastructure database.