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Urban Green as a Key for Sustainable Cities

Source: IOER

Since Mai 2005 the IOER was in charge of the international research project "GreenKeys -  Urban Green as a Key for Sustainable Cities". The project aimed at the enhancement of urban green as a key factor for sustainable urban development. In twelve cities pilot projects were carried out and new green spaces were added or existing green was upgraded regarding social, ecological or economical aspects.

Based on these practical on-site experiences and the results of the European research project "URGE" the cities and scientists were set up a "Pool of Green Strategies" which should contribute to a sustainable urban development under changing general conditions, like growth and shrinking processes. This included instruments, methods and a catalogue of case studies as well as criteria to identify and analyse success factors and bottle-necks in the development of urban green space.

The project was scheduled for three years (Mai 2005 to April 2008) and was supported by the European Union as part of the joint initiative INTERREG III B CADSES. Twenty partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Austria, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary are involved in the initiative. Lead partner was the Grünflächenamt Dresden, the institution responsible for the urban green in Saxon's regional capital. The IOER was concerned with the scientific coordination of the project.

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20 Partners from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovenia

Lead Partner: Landeshauptstadt Dresden