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Elbe-Labe Preventive flood protection by transnational regional development in the catchment area of the river Elbe (ELLA)

Source: IOER

Since previous years- flood events flood protection has re-entered public consciousness. Besides national efforts to improve preventive flood protection transnational strategies have now become a major point of interest.

The range of the necessary measures does reach from water management, agriculture and forestry to regional and town planning. As natural disasters that occur at international lakes and rivers are independent from political borders, one task is to develop transnational strategies, measures and plans to tackle the dangers arising from natural disasters effectively.

Regional development plays a crucial role for preventive flood protection. That is why besides the integration of flood concerns in regional planning also in this particular field transnational cooperations have to be strengthened to develop a holistic concept for regional development that comprehends the whole catchment area of the river Elbe.

To deal with this problem the project "Elbe - Labe preventive flood protection by transnational regional development" (ELLA / Elbe - Labe Vorsorgende Hochwasserschutzmaßnahmen durch transnationale Raumordnung) was established. The project is part of the shared INTERREG IIIB initiative and involves 23 partners from countries bordering the Elbe - that means Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria as well as partners form Hungary. The Saxon Ministry of the Interior (Sächsisches Staatsministerium des Innern) is the lead partner of the project. It has to be stressed that nearly all spatial planning authorities of the catchment area of the Elbe are involved as project partners. One central issue of the project is the transnational development and establishment of a strategy concerning future steps and contents of spatial planning in the catchment area of the Elbe. For this reason the instruments of spatial planning in the federal states and countries are examined and improved. The composition of hazard maps of selected sections of the Elbe and of some tributaries (general map for the ?Elbeatlas?) are the basis for working on a shared strategy. Finally, regional development plans are further developed by innovative integration of matters of flood protection in exemplary pilot projects.

In the project ELLA the IOER is responsible for questions regarding legal issues. Besides supervising the work group 4 "Recht und Verwaltung" (Legal issues and administration) two studies examine the legal and administrative framework for transnational and national flood protection.

Moreover, the IÖR is responsible for the scientific supervision of work group 2. This work group is dealing with the integration of flood-related matters in regional planning in all German and Czech pilot projects.

Run time

10/2004 - 12/2006


Prof. Dr. jur. Gerold Janssen
Tel. +49 (0)351 46 79 217

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Lead Partner: Saxon Ministry of the Interior (Sächsisches Staatsministerium des Innern)

22 other partners from Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary