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"Barometer Sustainable Land Use"

Regional key indicators for sustainable land use and for the land-specific targets according to the progress report of the German National Strategy for Sustainable Development

Spatial distribution effects (Source: IOER)

The national strategy for sustainable development of the Federal Government of Germany aims at reducing the land use for new settlement and traffic to 30 ha per day in 2020. Besides controlling quantitative aspects of land use the government also recommends to consider qualitative aspects. Previously, the discussion was just addressing the quantitative indicator ?land use? which is too unspecific. However, so far national indicators for the assessment of qualitative changes of land use have been missing.

Taking the current situation as a point of departure it is one aim of the project to develop a concept for a so-called "Barometer for Sustainable Land Use" (Nachhaltikeitsbarometer Fläche). After this, the model should be tested. The "Barometer for Sustainable Land Use" should act as an information and evaluation system for decision making processes in politics and for the evaluation of spatial-relevant policies on federal, state and regional level. Main purpose of the indicator is to provide information for the progress report of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development. The "Barometer for Sustainable Land Use" should also be accessible for agents on other administrative levels who require sophisticated information about land use.

The "Barometer for Sustainable Land Use" consists of three close-knit components:

  • a target system
  • an indicator system to measure the degree of target accomplishment which is based on the target system
  • a budgeting procedure that enables a target-related general evaluation of land use and changes on the basis of the indicators

In accordance with the requirement not only to address the land use quantitatively but also to consider qualitative aspects (i.e. what the land is used for and the kind of land that is used) it is distinguished between size, quality, location-/ structure and efficiency-related aims and characteristics.

Intermediate and preliminary results are fed back into an inter-ministery work group for further development of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development "Reduction of Land Use."

Further information on the project on the BBSR website (German)

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