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Strategic environmental assessment for regional planning - development of a transnational assessment and practice concept for Saxony, Poland and Czech Republic

The SEA directive (2001/42/EG) refers to an all-embracing assessment liability among other things for land use planning in all member states of the European Union. The intention of the Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is "to assure a high environmental protection level, [?] by making sure, that specific plans and programs [?] come under an environmental assessment" (article 1 SEA- guideline). This environmental assessment contains for regional planning new environmental assessment aspects, for example the all-embracing assessment of environmental effects including a conceptual alternative assessment and an environmental monitoring and also an extended participation of the public by considering environmental concerns in appreciation of values decisions of the project.

The extended participation covers also consultations in neighbouring regions cross particular state borders. Especially the SEA to regional planning in Saxony is characterised by a cross border participation with EU-accession countries Poland and Czech Republic. This is for 4 of 5 planning regions required.

In the project "Strategic environmental assessment for regional Planning - development of a transnational assessment and practice concept for Saxony, Poland and Czech Republic" by consideration of existing workings and projects, solution appendages for the textual form of the SEA and to a cross border participation and coordination of the environmental assessment shall be developed. The coordination of the environmental assessment in particular as a result of the intention of the EU is of high relevance and is due to achieve with the SEA, inter alia, a harmonisation of consideration in environmental aspects between individual states (EU GD Umwelt 2003).

The aim of this project will be realised by revising the regional plan for the planning region "Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien". Only in this planning region of the new federal states exists due to the SEA a cross border participation liability to 2 other national states and with it an expectation of a special high coordination and acclamation effort.

In order to realise this project before the immediate entry into force of the SEA- guideline and to develop solution appendages for the committing SEA in Saxony, Poland and Czech Republic, the following working steps will be done:

At the beginning by participating the actors of 3 states an assessment concept for the SEA to the regional planning of the Upper Lusatia/Lower Silesia region will be developed and tested of its practice capability. The main focus is particularly directed at consideration to be reconciled of cross border environmental impacts in regional planning and in the environmental monitoring. Then an analysis take place to what extent the results of this project are altogether transferable to the Polish and Czech regional planning. After the assessment of the compatibility of appendages to the SEA in Saxony, Poland and Czech Republic special requirements can be expressed referring to respective countries. The last step is the creation of a transnational practice proposal to be reconciled to the SEA for regional planning. This concept contributes to the implementation of the described intention of the EU a harmonisation of environmental interests.

In order to ensure a close cooperation between Saxon, Czech and Polish project partners continuous talks to be reconciled and working meetings as well as international workshops are taking place. There should be published the developed appendages of SEA in the participated states and provide also for other states a discussion article for cross border cooperation to SEA.

1. interim report - February 2005
(German language) - download pdf-file (1,61 MB)

2. interim report - December 2005
(German language) - download pdf-file (1,62 MB)

Final report - March 2007
Final report (German language) - download pdf-file (low version 2,65 MB / high version 4,56 MB)
Summary and compendium (German language) - download pdf-file (1,15 MB)
Summary and compendium (Polish language) - download pdf-file (1,24 MB)
Summary and compendium (Czech language) - download pdf-file (1,31 MB)

Funded under Community Initiative INTERRERG III A