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Rehabilitation and Development in Mining Regions (READY)

Photo: P. Wirth, IÖR-Media

Large-scale environmental impacts and urban development problems are a barrier to structural change throughout the mining regions of Central and Eastern Europe. In many cases a monostructured economy, the prevalence of paternalistic structures, the negative image and the persistence of environmental damages with a remaining element of risk require an integrated approach. In addition, mining cities have specialised infrastructures (technical infrastructure, education, health and culture facilities) which have to be adjusted to new requirements.

In structurally weak mining regions the effects of usual development programmes for industrial regions are therefore not sufficient. General problems of old industrialised (and, in most cases, peripheral) areas are increased by the specific problems of long-time mining. That is the reason why considerable external inputs which ought to trigger private follow-up investment are needed to achieve successful structural change in structurally weak mining regions.

READY aims to strengthen the competitive ability of mining cities and mining regions in Central and Eastern Europe by improving their ecological, social and economic situation. It addresses major planning and development issues with special consideration of the situation in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Romania and Slovakia.

The three main objectives in support of this aim are: providing incentives for structural changes in former mining cities and regions by accomplishing new development perspectives, initiation of a new quality of trans-national mutual co-operation by establishing a high-performance network, and increasing the political attention for disadvantaged mining cities and regions by coordinated actions.

READY includes four types of activities: local activities in the participating cities (integrated development concepts, feasibility studies, small scale investment), intensive international networking (workshops, know-how transfer, discussion of strategies), foundation of a European network of mining cities (including the basis for a common lobby platform) and support for local implementation of strategies and measures through scientific monitoring and coaching by experts (analysis, process monitoring, recommendations).

Run time

12/2003 - 11/2006



Dr. rer. nat. Peter Wirth
Tel. +49 (0)351 46 79 232

Dr. rer. pol. Gerd Lintz

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Stadt Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge

Sächsisches Innenministerium

Universität Graz

20 mining towns in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republik, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovakia