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Landscape Change and Management


Ecological and cultural renewal in mining regions

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Halde Hühneburg

At the end of mineral exploitation, mining regions usually face big challenges concerning their economic and social futures. One chance to master this transformation process is the identification and utilisation of potentials left by mining industries. The focus for the economic re-usage of mining legacies lies on the one hand on natural potentials, such as geothermal water use for energy production and on the other hand on cultural potentials, connected to buildings and traditions, which serve to foster regional tourism.

To show how the utilisation of natural and cultural potentials of former mining regions can help to manage difficult structural situations is the aim of the EU-project 'ReSOURCE - Turning problems into potentials'. As previous research projects have shown, there are big differences in the utilisation of mining potentials. The success or failure of structural transformation processes after mining is often linked to the actions of local and regional actors. The research in connection to the ReSOURCE project therefore wants to focus on local and regional governance structures. (...more)

Learning from these experiences, the ReSOURCE project aims at the improvement of policies in and for mining regions on European, national and regional level. The project is funded by European Union's Development Fund (EFRE) in accordance with the European Union's objective 3 "territorial cooperation" (INTERREG IVB).

The IOER coordinates the accompanying research. In total 7 Central European mining regions in 6 nations take part in the ReSOURCE project (Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Hungary).

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Dr. Gerd Lintz

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EU (INTERREG IVB Central Europe)


Project results

Book Publication: Post Mining Regions in Central Europe (PDF 4 MB)