Research Area:
Landscape Change and Management


Within the project TransEcoNet (Transnational Ecological Networks in Central Europe) the development of the transnational network of ecological important border regions within Central and Eastern Europe is analysed. Furthermore, the ecosystem services are investigated and the sustainable development as well as the management of these regions is supported. Lead partner is the Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Chair of Remote Sensing, in cooperation with 15 additional scientific partners as well as administrations of protected areas.

TransEcoNet is divided into six work packages, whereof IOER is responsible for the coordination of work package 3 "Eco-Topologies - inventories of ecological networks". Therein existing regional and national ecological networks within border regions are analysed and conclusions about network gaps are drawn. For such gaps strategies will be developed to reconnect the single parts of the network. Furthermore, the IOER is an important partner within work package 5 "Ecologies - ecosystem services and biodiversity", wherein ecosystem services are investigated and evaluated. In addition the impact of historical and future land use development on biodiversity is studied. At the end guidelines for a sustainable use as well as for preserving the ecological capabilities of the landscape are developed.

For the analysis of existing ecological networks methods of empirical social research are used (interviews of administrations of protected areas and additional stakeholders). The spatial analyses are done using methods of applied geoinformatics (GIS) and landscape ecology (e.g. landscape metrics, landscape analysis, fragmentation, landscape functions).

Results of the project will be management strategies for the sustainable development ecological important border regions and materials for rising public awareness regarding this topic. In addition operational geoinformatic tools for the analysis of the landscape and the determining of negative impact factors are developed.

run time

01/2009 - 12/2011



Dr. rer. nat. Marco Neubert
Tel. +49 (0)351 46 79 274


third party funding

EU (INTERREG IV B Central Europe)