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Ökoprofit International

Private-Public-Partnership-Networks for a Sustainable Development of Policies and Society

In order to achieve environmental objectives a number of different instruments can be used. Besides administrative regulations (e.g. commands and prohibitions) and monetary instruments ( e.g. taxes) informal, voluntary instruments do exist. Examples for the latter are the environmental information and management systems like the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and the international ISO 14001. Even before these systems were implemented similar programmes like the Ökoprofit programme of the City of Graz had been elaborated.

Ökoprofit is an environmental consulting and certification programme for companies, which is organised by cities. It aims at an improvement of environmental protection and the reduction of operational costs (e.g. by resource saving) at the same time. In addition to this it shows a big potential for the promotion of environmental networks, which link together the companies with the municipality as well as the companies among each other.

The INTERREG project "Ökoprofit International" deals with the Ökoprofit programme in the international context of sustainable urban and regional development. The aims of the project are:

  • to analyse and to evaluate the framework conditions and the prerequisites for an implementation of Ökoprofit in the participating cities on the basis of a strengths and weaknesses analysis,
  • to analyse the possibilities and limits of a further development of the Ökoprofit programme in terms of a local or regional environmental management system which takes special local or regional environmental problems into account,
  • to estimate the effects of Ökoprofit in the participating cities on the basis of a list of indicators and criteria,
  • to analyse the transferability of Ökoprofit to other cities and regions in Europe.

Therefore the project contributes to the discussion about the further development of informal environmental instruments for a sustainable urban and regional development. The project ties up to previous projects of the IOER as for example to environmental management and auditing in the building sector, the organisation of regional cooperation (e.g. P 112 "InnoRegio"), and the evaluation of regional development processes (P 159 "REK Eval"). The project first addresses scientists who are working on environmental management systems and sustainable urban and regional development. Second, it addresses cities and regions as potential users of the Ökoprofit programme. And third, national and EU authorities are addressed by the project, because they are responsible for the definition of general conditions for the implementation of environmental management systems.


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Dr. rer. pol. Gerd Lintz
Tel. +49 (0)351 46 79 227


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Institute of Geography and Regional Science of the Karl Franzens University Graz, City of Graz (Lead Partner),

additional partners in Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary