Touring exhibition revives historic city centres in Saxony and Lower Silesia

In the project REVIVAL! - Revitalization of Historic Towns in Lower Silesia and Saxony a touring exhibition has been created. Until the beginning of October it is on tour in the German-Polish border region. It provides information about the history and architectural heritage of the ten cities involved in the project and how both can be used to revitalise the historical centres. Next year, the exhibition will also be on display in Dresden.

exhibition walls are set up one behind the other at a place

The REVIVAL! travelling exhibition made its first stop on the market square in Zary, Poland, in July. (Photo: REVIVAL/IOER-Media)

Since October 2018, ten small and medium-sized towns - four in eastern Saxony, six in southwestern Poland - have been exploring their medieval history and building culture in the REVIVAL! project. The aim was to raise the awareness of the population of important historical places, sites, monuments and events, thereby strengthening local and regional identity and at the same time finding ways and means to bring more life into the historic city centres.

Each city has collected visual material and texts on its own, usually quite eventful history. A selection of this material is now on display in the exhibition, showing the historical differences and unique features of the cities. However, many connecting elements are also visible in the exhibition, such as the destruction of the historic cities by fires or wars, how the political turnaround in 1989 or the flood of the century in 2010 were dealt with. Similar trade and craft traditions also link the history of some cities, for example the production of glass or textiles. In the course of the REVIVAL! project, each of the ten participating cities has developed and implemented a targeted pilot measure in order to make the population and guests of the city more aware of their historical features and thereby revitalise the city centres. The travelling exhibition also provides information on these measures and actions.

Until the beginning of October 2020, the exhibition can be seen mostly in central squares in the cities along the German-Polish border. The exhibition will conclude from 19 September to 4 October in the town of Reichenbach/O.L. on the German side. For early 2021 it is planned to show the exhibition at a central location in Dresden as well.

Information on the dates (which may change in the short term due to the Corona period) can be found at the website of the REVIVAL! Project (in German and Polish). 

The project REVIVAL! - Revitalisation of Historic Towns in Lower Silesia and Saxony is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the INTERREG Poland-Saxony 2014-2020 Cooperation Programme until the end of 2020.

Contact at the IOER
Prof. Dr. Robert Knippschild (Project Manager), e-mail: R.Knippschild[im]
Eva Battis-Schinker, e-mail: e.battis-schinker[im]