The Leibniz Insitute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) wins two poster awards at ESP World Conference 2019

The IOER was represented with two posters at the ESP10 World Conference of the Ecosystem Service Partnership in Hannover in October 2019, both of which were honored with an award.

Two young women standing in front of a poster, one explaining the poster.

Sophie Meier presents her poster at the ESP10 in Hannover. (Photo: K. Grunewald/IOER-Media)

Around 160 posters were presented at the 5-day World Conference of the Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP10). Approximately 800 conference participants were invited to vote online on their favorite poster while taking into account the scientific quality, the layout, the enthusiasm of the presenters and the link to the conference topic "10 years advancing ecosystem services science, policy and practice for a sustainable future".

The poster contribution "The Pollination Potential of Wild Bees in Germany - Suggestion for a new Monitoring Indicator" by Sophie Meier, Ulrich Walz, Ralf-Uwe Syrbe and Karsten Grunewald was awarded first prize. The poster presented an indicator for monitoring the pollination service of wild bees, which was developed in the context of the project "Further development of a nationwide indicator set for ecosystem services of Germany - Weiter-ÖSL" in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden. It is intended to give political decision-makers the opportunity to better assess the occurrence and development of habitats for wild bees (especially extensive grassland, hedges, tree rows, margin areas) on a Germany-wide level. The project is funded by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

The third prize went to the poster "Methods for assessing supply for and demand on ecosystem services of urban green spaces through a webapp" by Celina Stanley, Martina Artmann, Kerstin Krellenberg and Robert Hecht. The poster presented a new kind of webapp which is developed within the project "meinGrün – information and navigation to urban green spaces in cities" (financed by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure).  The webapp is an information and decision support tool for finding suitable green spaces in the city. Various data are combined to evaluate the quality of the green spaces with suitable indicators. The user wishes are collected in three rounds of surveys.

The prizes include a free publication in the journal "One Ecosystem", a free membership in the Ecosystem Service Partnership, and a 1000 Euro travel grant for attending a future ESP conference, respectively.

The lucky winners, Sophie Meier and Celina Stanley, thank all participating colleagues and other persons for the support on the way to this success.

Poster "Assessing Supply for and Demand on Ecosystem Services of Urban Green Spaces through a Web App" (third prize at the ESP10)




Sophie Meier and Celina Stanley with the certificates in front of their awarded posters. (Photo: E. Rockstroh/IOER-Media)