Scientific Services

The IOER's scientific services are particularly linked to the monitoring of settlement and open space development and other data-related services.

Monitor of Settlement and Open Space Development (IOER Monitor)

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Since 2010 the Institute has been operating and expanding a complex monitoring system of land use. This offers a reliable empirical basis for politicians, administrators and scientists to evaluate questions of sustainability and efficiency in spatial development. The IOER Monitor is freely available online and is constantly being improved. In the meantime, it encompasses about 80 indicators for the description of settlement and open space development, 45 of which are also published as high-resolution raster maps. Ten time periods between 2000 and 2016 are available.

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Online Calculator for the Forecasting of Municipal Housing Demand

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The methodology developed at the Institute for the high resolution forecasting of trends in population, household and housing demand has been available as a free online calculator since 2003. It was comprehensively overhauled in 2011. Methodological refinements have resulted, among other improvements, in a linking of land use monitoring and forecasting/scenarios. The programme is a useful tool to create scenarios for municipalities, planning offices and building societies. 

Information Portal of Structural Data

IOER data on buildings, infrastructure and the composition of built structures classified by building materials and products can be used to answer questions of resource conservation, damage analysis and value assessment. Since 2016 the IOER has made this information available to a wider audience by means of an Information Portal on Structural Data (Bauwerksdatenbank). The portal supports scientists, planning practitioners and policymakers by providing detailed information on the physical characteristics of the “built environment”.

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