Scientific Advice to Policymakers and Society

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The advice services of the IOER are primarily directed at public institutions and administrations. Federal ministries and departmental research institutions with an interest in the IOER’s research topics make use of the Institute’s expertise as well as agencies of the individual Länder.

Internationally, the IOER cooperates with UN and EU institutions as well as national, regional and local bodies. Other target groups are professional associations and private actors, especially in the fields of construction, housing, risk prevention and geoinformation.

Examples of successful scientific advice services to policymakers and society

Expertise for the UN's "New Urban Agenda"

  • Appointment of the IOER Director to the "Policy Unit on Urban Spatial Strategies"
  • Presentation of the work of the IOER at the UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III Conference) in Quito/Ecuador in October 2016
  • Organisation of the first Habitat III-FollowUp Conference on 21 October 2016 in Bogota/Colombia.

Participation in setting the agenda of the National Platform "Zukunftsstadt"

Contributions to regulations and handouts on the subject of flood risk management

Contributions to the TEEB process (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) in Germany and in the international context

Integration of research results on sustainable raw material extraction and infill development potentials in diverse programmes and strategies

Contributions to modelling regulations, data georeferencing and the Federal Government’s Sustainability Strategy

  • Participation in drawing up new modelling regulations of the Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities of the Laender of the Federal Republic of Germany (AdV)
  • Guidance on the use of basic geodata in the 2021 census (including within the framework of the Gebäude 21 project)
  • In-depth analysis of settlement density and the loss of free space in the run up to the updated Sustainability Strategy of the Federal Government


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