Multimedia Products

In addition to the Monitor of Settlement and Open Space Development and other scientific services, the IOER is constantly developing diverse multimedia applications.

The IOER has so far developed the following products (selection): 

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Knowledge trails "Mehrwert Natur Osterzgebirge"
Three virtual nature trails through the German-Czech Eastern Ore Mountains are intended to educate the general public about the value of nature and its services. Offered in German as well as Czech. Further Information about the project.

Development and Spatial Impact of the German Autobahn network - From 1935 to 2015
The application provides information about the historical development of the German Autobahn network, changes in the quality of its coverage and the use of space around motorway junctions.


Development of land use in the city-region of Dresden since 1790
The product illustrates the development of settlement density using the example of Dresden. Nine time periods (between 1790 and 2009) can be compared with one another.

Floods of the Elbe river in 1845, 1890 and 2002 - Dresden and Saxon Switzerland
Digitally processed historical maps enable the analysis and comparative assessment of land-use changes in areas prone to flooding.

WEISSERITZINFO - Information System of the Weißeritz-Regio Initiative
The information system of the Weißeritz-Regio Initiative serves to provide information on flood risk management for the Weißeritz catchment area. The most recent update of the system was in 2007.

Long-term investigation of changes in land use
The website provides information on cumulative impacts of land-use changes on the environment and illustrates impacts on soil and landscape structure.


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