Postdocs as understood by the IOER are young scientists offered the chance to obtain an independent scientific qualification in specially established positions at the Institute. The funded postdocs enjoy a large degree of freedom to choose their research topic and hence to develop their scientific potential and raise their scientific research profile.

Dr. rer. pol. Martin Achtnicht, FB W
Research interests: Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Transportation Economics, Applied Econometrics, Discrete Choice Experiments

Dr. rer. nat. Martina Artmann, FB L
Research interests: Sustainable management of urban ecosystems; Efficiency assessment of urban sustainability strategies, Sustainable urban and regional management, Efficient management of urban soil sealing, Urban ecosystem services

Dr.-Ing. Manisha Jain, FB E
Research interests: Theoretical and empirical analysis of spatial structure and settlement hierarchy,
Methods for integrating infrastructure with settlement hierarchy, Instruments of urban growth management