The doctoral candidates’ academic year at the IOER

The IOER and the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS) ‒ often in cooperation with the Graduate Academy of the TU Dresden ‒ offer many important academic events for doctoral candidates. Here is an overview of the key events that shape the academic year as well as other important events. Attendance of some of these is obligatory, depending on whether you are a full-time, part-time or external doctoral candidate. You can find more information in the IOER Doctoral Agreement and the IOER/DLGS Joint Academic Programme for doctoral candidates.

Key academic events


Seminar organized by IOER Postdocs


Introductory events for new DLGS cohort and
Orientation Seminar for all new doctoral candidates


Seminar organized by IOER Postdocs


Doctoral Candidates’ Forum


Seminar organized by IOER Postdocs


DLGS Autumn School, open to all doctoral candidates


Seminar organized by IOER Postdocs

Other important academic events

Two individual meetings of the candidates’ advisory commission per year

Seminars and workshops of TU Dresden Graduate Academy / DLGS from April to July and from October to February

5R Doctoral Candidates’ Forum and WGL Doctoral Candidates’ Forum

IOER Planners’ Forum

Social events organized by the doctoral candidates as well as the election of their spokespersons