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Professor Jochen Schanze, Dr.

Chair of working group "Theoretical and Methodological Basics of Ecological Urban and Regional Development"

Tel. +49 351 4679 228

Professor and holder of the Chair of Environmental Development and Risk Management at Technische Universität Dresden, Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Vice chairman of the board PRISMA − Centre for Sustainability Assessment and Policy

Spokesperson of the Leibniz Research Network "Integrated Earth System Research"

Steering committee member of the Leibniz Research Alliance "Crisis in a Globalised World"

Steering committee member of the Center for Advanced Water Research (CAWR)

Member of Future Earth

Founding member of the Environmental Non-Migration Network (EnNoMig Network)

Corresponding member of the Academy of Spatial Science and Planning (ARL)

Member of the board of trustees of the Foundation of Environment and Damage Prevention

Member of the Graduate Academy of Technische Universität Dresden

Editor of the Journal of Flood Risk Management (Wiley-Blackwell)

Editorial Member of the Journal Climate Services (Elsevier)

Reviewer of the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), World Health Organisation (WHO), European Commission, European Environment Agency (EEA), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), AXA Research Fund, Dutch Research Council (NOW), Austrian Climate and Energy Fund (ACRP), German Science Council (WR), German Science Foundation (DFG), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), German Environment Agency (UBA), Bavarian Network for Climate Research (bayklif), Scientific Commission of Lower Saxony (WKN), numerous scientific journals, the German Federal Parliament, Saxon State Parliament, etc.

Membership in various scientific associations such as International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE).

Research field

Human ecological research focuses on theoretical and methodological basics related to the development and risk management of human's natural environment. The object of study is human-environment interrelations from the local to the global level with different thematic areas. Epistemologically, the focus is on the generation and, above all, integration of knowledge about physical cause-effect interrelations on the one hand and social actors with their interactions and institutional contexts on the other. The methodological spectrum ranges from tool-based system analyses and prospective system simulations with coupled models to evaluation and decision-making approaches and social science studies on actors, management and governance.


since 2014: head of the working group "Theoretical and methodological basics of ecological urban and regional development" at the IOER

2009 – 2014: head of IOER research area "Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development"

2009: Appointment as Professor of Environmental Development and Risk Management at Technische Universität Dresden

2006 – 2009: head of IOER research group "Environmental Risks/Flooding"

2006: university lecturer at University of Potsdam (representation of a chair holder)

2005 – 2009: university lecturer at Technische Universität Dresden

2002 – 2010: member of the executive board and scientific coordinator of the Dresden Flood Research Center (D-FRC)

2002 – 2005: head of IOER research group "Cumulative Environmental Effects of Land-Use Change"

2001 – 2004: scientific project leader in the areas of landscape ecology and risk management at IOER

Before: head of department of environmental research and planning at a consultancy as well as scientist on behalf of various research institutes and state ministries

Studies of landscape ecology at Technische Universität München with guest semesters in philosophy at Universität Regensburg

Current research activities

BMBF: "Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Dresden/Leipzig (ScaDS.AI)"

BMBF: "Platform for Climate-Conform Action at Local and District Level in Low Mountain Regions (KlimaKonform)"

Leibniz Research Network "Integrated Earth System Research "

Leibniz Research Alliance "Crisis in a Globalised World "

Leibniz Research Alliance "INFECTIONS in an Urbanizing World − Humans, Animals, Environments"

EU COST Action "Natural Flood Retention on Private Land (LAND4FLOOD)"

Previous research activities

EU, FP 7: "Smart Resilience Technology, Systems and Tools" (SMARTeST)

EU, FP 6: "Integrated Flood Risk Analysis and Management Methodologies" (FLOODsite)

EU, FP 6, ERA-NET CRUE: "Flood Risk Management Strategies in European Member States" (FLOOD-ERA)

EU, FP 5: "Urban River Basin Enhancement Methods" (URBEM)

EU, ESPON: "The Spatial Effects and Management of Natural and Technological Hazards in General and in Relation to Climate Change" (ESPON HAZARDS)

EU, Interreg: "ELBE-LABE Flood Prevention through Transnational Spatial Planning" (ELLA)

DFG: "Metadata Management for Applied Sciences (MASi)"

DFG: "Water Yield Response to Changes in Land Use and Climate in the Jinghe River Basin, Northwest China"

BMBF: "Development and Testing of an Integrated Regional Climate Change Adaptation Programme for the Model Region Dresden" (REGKLAM)

BMBF/IOER: "International Water Alliance Saxony" (IWAS)

BMBF/IB (WTZ): "Scientific Preparation of a Water Balance Atlas for Western Ukraine"

BMBF, RIMAX: "Chance and Management of Risks of Extreme Flood Events in Large River Basins – the Example of the Elbe River" (VERIS-Elbe)

BMBF, RIMAX: "Development of a Pollutant Distribution Model for a Substance-Related Risk Analysis and Evaluation of Extreme Flood Events – the Example of the County and City of Bitterfeld" (SARISK)

BMBF, RIMAX: "International Teaching Module on Integrated Flood Risk Management of Extreme Events" (FLOODmaster)

BMBF, river basin management: "Management Options in the Havel River Catchment"

BMBF: "Global Change Impacts on the Water Balance of the Elbe River Basin – Results and Tools" (GLOWA-Elbe III)

UBA: "Analyse, Bewertung und Politikempfehlungen zur Anpassung nationaler rechtlicher, planerischer und informatorischer Politikinstrumente an den Klimawandel"

UBA: "Handlungsspielräume kleinerer und / oder finanzschwacher Kommunen zur Etablierung von Strategien und zur Durchführung von Maßnahmen zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel"

PAKT: "Climate Change Adaptation through Spatial Planning – Basics, Strategies, Instruments" (KLIMAPAKT)

DAAD-MÖB: "Suitability of Compromise Programming as a Land-Use Optimisation Approach considering Ecological Aspects"

Free State of Saxony: "Assessment and Prioritisation of Integrative Risks and Opportunities of Climate Change in Saxony" (Vulnerability Study Saxony – VusS)

IOER: "Planning Methods and Legal Regulations for Dealing with Uncertainties and Environmental Risks" (PRURISK)

IOER: "Programmes of Measures and Management Plans according to the Water Framework Directive"

IOER: "Basics on Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development" (GRUNDRISK)

IOER: "Regional Learning Processes involving an Environmental Information System – the Example of Flood Risk Management in the Weißeritz River Catchment" (Weißeritz-Regio)

IOER: "Cumulative Environmental Effects of Land-Use Change"


Graduate Schools

Joint Graduate School „Environment and Damage Prevention" of Universität Stuttgart, Technische Universität Dresden and KIT

  • Supervision of PhD candidates

Dresden Leibniz Graduate School of Technische Universität Dresden, Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development and Academy of Spatial Research and Planning

  • Supervision of PhD candidates
  • Lecture "Towards Conceptual and Methodological Frames of Resilience in Environmental Development"

Erasmus Mundus

Flood Risk Master Course in co-operation of UNESCO-IHE (NL), Technische Universität Dresden, Technical University of Catalonia (E) and University of Ljubljana (SLO)


International Postgraduate Course on Environmental Management for Developing Countries

  • Lecture "Environmental Interrelations of Land Use"
  • Lecture "Integrated Scenarios for Urban-Rural Regions"
  • Lecture "Environmental Impact Assessment"
  • Lecture "Flood Risk Management

Technische Universität Dresden

Master course "Spatial Development and Natural Resources"

  • Lecture "Basics of Environmental Development"
  • Seminar "Application of Methods and Instruments of Environmental Development"

Master course "Geography"

  • Lecture "Foresight and Integrated Assessment in Environmental Development"
  • Seminar "International Studies on Foresight and Integrated Assessment"

Master course "Hydro Science and Engineering"

  • Lecture "Flood Risk Management (I and II)
  • Workshops "Flash floods", "Plain floods" and "Actors Workshop"
  • Various lectures under Module "Integrated Water Resources Management"

E-learning-Programme "Integrated Water Resources Management" of the International Hydrological Programme (UNESCO) and Hydrology and Water Resources Programme (WMO)

Guest lectures in master courses and summer schools of Universities Padua, Usti nad Labem, Lviv and Bochum.

Continuous supervision of numerous PhD and master theses and international guest scientists.