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Regine Ortlepp, Photo: R.Vigh/IOER-Media

Dr.-Ing. habil. Regine Ortlepp

Dipl.-Ing. Civil Engineering

Head of the Research Area
"Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development"

Phone +49 351 4679 246

Research Interests

Construction  engineering, Solid construction, Building materials, Strengthening, Repair, Textile reinforced concrete, Carbon concrete

Material flow analyses, Resource conservation, Recycling, Circular economy, Social ecology, Green building

Environmental impacts on structures, Natural hazards, Risk assessment, Risk prevention measures, Uncertainty analyses

Professional Experience

since 2017

Head of the Research Area "Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development"

since 2013

research associate at IÖR


teaching assignment at the Technische Universität Dresden for the module "Design of concrete structures" in the international master study course "Advanced computational and civil engineering structural studies (ACCESS)"


R&D responsibility at the institute of concrete structures


management of the DFG- Collaborative Research Centre 528


leadership of the research group "Textile reinforced concrete"


leadership of the work group "Textile reinforced concrete II"


research associate at the institute of concrete structures of the Technische Universität Dresden



habilitation at the faculty of civil engineering of the Technische Universität Dresden, venia legendi in Concrete Structures


doctorate at the faculty of civil engineering of the Technische Universität Dresden dealing with the topic "Investigations for the bond anchoring of textile reinforced fine-grained concrete strengthening layers of RC-members"


civil engineering studies at the Technische Universität Dresden,
field of study: construction engineering,
specialization: supporting construction,
topic of diploma thesis: "Reconstruction of pyramidal tower roof of church St. Lukas Dresden"


architecture studies at the Dortmund University

Current Projects

  • HeatResilientCity - Heat-resilient urban and district development in cities - Resident-oriented knowledge generation and implementation in Dresden and Erfurt (10/2017–09/2020, BMBF/flagship initiative future cities)
  • STRIMA-II - Saxon-Czech Flood Risk Management II (07/2017–06/2020, EU Interreg VA)
  • RAINMAN - Integrated Heavy Rain Risk Management (07/2017–06/2020, EU Interreg VB)
  • Database of Structures - Buildings, Infrastructure, Building Works (01/2015–12/2018, IOER)
  • ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig - Competence Center for Scalable Data Services and Solutions (10/2014 – 9/2018, BMBF)

Completes Projects

  • SCHADOS - Possibilities and limitations of quantitative damage estimations for impacts of summer heat, heavy rain and hail on buildings (01/2013-12/2017, IOER)
  • GIS-ImmoRisk - Ingenieurwissenschaftliche Analyse ausgewählter, qualitativer und quantitativer Methoden zur Abschätzung der Folgen von Hitze-, Starkregen-, Hagel- und Erdbebeneinwirkung für Gebäude und deren Nutzungen
  • STRIMA - Saxon-Czech Flood Risk Management (09/2013 – 11/2014, EU Interreg Ziel 3
  • STRIMA DD - Application and review of a flood damage information system at municipal level using the example of the city of Dresden – analysis and implications (04/2013 – 02/2015, EU Interreg Ziel 3)
  • Nichtwohnbaustrukturen - Characteristics and structural indicators of non-residential buildings (participation) (01/2013–09/2016, IOER)
  • MinResource - Sustainable Management of Non-Metallic Mineral Primary and Secondary Building Materials (participation) (11/2013–07/2014, SMUL)
  • Material Flow Analysis 2060 - Material Flow Analysis of Building Stock Development in Germany and Efficiency Strategies 2060 – Focus on Mineral Aggregates (participation) (01/2011–07/2015, IOER)
  • StatisNWG - Obtaining statistical findings about non-domestic buildings to be built and their technical equipment (01/2015–04/2015, federal government /BBSR)
  • KartAL II - Mapping the Stock of Buildings and Constructed Assets and other Long Lasting Goods in Germany in order to optimise the market for secondary raw materials II – follow-up project (04/2014–01/2016, UBA)
  • KartAL - Mapping the Stock of Buildings and Constructed Assets and other Long Lasting Goods in Germany in order to optimise the market for secondary raw materials (10/2012–03/2014, UBA)
  • Resource Efficiency Potential - Resource Efficiency Potential in the Waste and Recycling Economy (09/2012–06/2014, federal government/BBSR)

Memberships and Functions

Member of the Young Forum of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig, engineering science group

AcademiaNet – Expert Database of Outstanding Female Academics

Working Group 1 of EU COST Action CA15115 "Mining the European Anthroposphere" (MINEA)

RILEM Technical Committee 232-TDT "Test methods and design of textile reinforced concrete" (cooperation 2011–2013)

WG "Textile reinforced concrete" of the speciality department CC TUDALIT of the Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV)

Friends' association "Lukaskirche e.V." (technical advice and support for the planned reconstruction of the pyramidal tower roof)

Reviewer activities for different scientific journals (e.g. Building Research & Information, Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems, Advances in Structural Engineering, Journal of Composites for Construction, Journal of Cement and Concrete Research, Journal of Cement and Concrete Composites, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, Bautechnik)



Outstanding Paper Award of Smart and Sustainable Built Environment (SASBE) Conference 2015, Pretoria, South Africa


Award Winner in Hornbach-competition in DFG-SPP 1542 "Form follows Force" for the development of a lightweight retaining wall element


Kurt-Beyer-Award 2008 (HOCHTIEF Construction AG) for outstanding results of dissertation


Dissertation Award of Commerzbank foundation 2007 for outstanding scientific work


 IABSE Young Engineers Grant (International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering)


 Kurt-Beyer-Award 2001 (HOCHTIEF Construction AG) for outstanding results of diploma thesis

Publications up to 2013

Complete list of publications up to 2013 (PDF 64 kB)